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Based on research information hosted on the MIT website you may not be maximizing your potential. About 1400 users provided their ratings for 43000 tweets. The results of their findings were interesting to say the least.

The results were as under:
·         36 % - worth reading
·         29 % - not worth reading
·         39 % - were OK
This means, the users on Twitter are open to tweets that are not directly related to them. It also means they would read tweets about inventory and your dealership even if they are not actively in the market to buy a new or used car.

In the internet age, it is very important to have a digital presence. Most often that begins with your website.   Your Dealer Websites  should be the engine that drives your sales higher. Making it just as efficient if not better than the face-to-face sales process. The goal as always is to get the customers to convert from clicks to sales.There are a few simple tricks and tweaks that can help improve your site's performance

Below are some of our recommendations  that should help make your website into a sales engine

1. Have a engaging inventory display website.
2. The "You may also like" feature. 
3. Optimize your site for search engines.
4. Create a stir, Host an event.

Based on the recent research conducted by various companies more than 45% of US mobile phones are smart phones. These smart phones are designed to be internet compatible and have a internet browser of some sort. ComScore estimate average US smartphone ownership at 41.8% of mobile subscribers or 98 million people have smart phones in Q4 2011.
As more and more people embrace smartphone technology to compare products and search for deals, marketers and business owners are adapting accordingly. So what is your dealership doing to market to mobile users? Do you have a mobile friendly website? Offer smartphone marketing campaigns? Do you find that mobile marketing is giving your business an edge? Ask us how we can help.
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Showing up as #1 on the organic search results is the holy grail. Just like every other business, it is just as important for us to get there.

Using our solution, and some basic understanding of SEO, we have reached the valuable position of #1 for "You Push DMS" search Google.

We also added the dms data polling feature to our target keyword list. And within a month, we are at #10 on the Google

Along with the SEO and SEM enhancements, we are also working on a newer version of the Craigslist tool and a brand new eBay posting tool to help our customers.
It is now well known to have an SEO way of your store in your town. That is the home pitch, you got to protect it. This content shares about why is it essential to protect your publish in your town, and also, go on the unpleasant on competition powerful maintains.
Most customers these days, look for for shops in their local zip code, and gradually go further for more alternatives. If you are just miles away from your competition, it is a good idea for the client to fall by your place, or at least examine your business on the internet. It's because of this that developing SEO not just for your town but also for places where your top competition do business:
For shops with endless funds, the best choice is to seek the services of exterior companies to handle their online existence. For the relax of us, there are a few easy suggestions that if followed will help you develop your online existence with convenience and no extra price.
Most online revenue supervisors (ISMs) have some time in between sessions that they can easliy do this every day.
Tuesday: Make a new page/post on your web page. 
Wednesday: Interact socially Online. 
Thursday: Search the internet:  
Friday: adhere to up on all your effort: 
Monday: evaluate and plan: 
We believe in practicing what we preach. We recommend our customers blog about their business on their website. It only makes sens that we do it as well.

Moving forward, we will be posting articles on updates to the system, best practices and insights into how our customers are using our tools to grow their business.

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