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Getting to #1

Read more on how we got to the first page on Google Search

Our simple easy to implement ideas using our apps helped us get there.

Showing up as #1 on the organic search results is the holy grail. Just like every other business, it is just as important for us to get there.

With the long list of services we offer, ranging from Inventory Management to the Dealer Websites solution and the Craigslist Posting Tool

In recent months, we have updated our approach and to showcase the features of our product, we host our own corporate site on software.

Using this solution, and some basic understanding of SEO, we have reached the valuable position of #1 for "You Push DMS" search Google.

We also added the dms data polling feature to our target keyword list. And within a month, we are at #10 on the Google

Along with the SEO and SEM enhancements, we are also working on a newer version of the Craigslist tool and a brand new eBay posting tool to help our customers.

We do try to keep information on our site up to date, however there are times when the information on our site may not accurately reflect the current status of things. In case you have any questions or are not sure if the information on the site is accurate, please contact us to verify by email or by using the contact form. We will try to reply ASAP.