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Inventory Management

Get your inventory to the digital world in a snap.

Window Stickers and Buyers Guides

Keep your brand visible, not just on the internet, but also when walking the lot

Lead Management

Keeping lead management easy and efficient.

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Export your inventory to over 200 free sites.

Dealer Website Services

A feature rich web hosting solution designed for your dealership.

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Inventory, Sales and Internet Management

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Dealer Websites, Lead Management, Inventory Marketing and much more...

  • Inventory Management
    A simple easy to use inventory management solution that helps you get your inventory from the lot to the internet in a snap.
  • VIN Decoding
    Stop wasting time typing information that can be automatically filled in for you. Make data entry easy and quick.
  • Comment Builder
    We offer a set of comments that help you build your listing and make it stand out in the list. Use these or type your own to describe your unique vehicle.
  • Inventory Photos
    In the digital age, the more information you make available for your clients or prospects the better chance you have of closing. Use our unlimited photos tool to highlight your business and your inventory.
  • Upload multiple files at once
    Are you still uploading pictures one at a time? Our one click multi upload helps you upload all your pictures quickly and easily.
  • Drag Drop pictures to reorganize them
    Why learn to speak computer? our easy to use drag-drop solution helps you organize pictures for your inventory the way you would do on a photobook for your car.
  • Video Builder
    Though not mandatory, having a inventory video, research shows that visitors are more likely to conver to prospects if inventory has pictures as well as videos.
  • Window Stickers and Buyers Guides
    Our window stickers and buyers guides help provide your dealership a simple and easy way to up to date. We can even build a custom sticker with the inventory's picture on the window sticker for you.
  • Unlimited Data Exports
    Closing deals depends on the number of leads your inventory generates. To generate more leads, you need to gain more eyeballs. The best way to do it is to export your inventory to over 200 free sites. We do that for you.
  • Craigslist Posting Tool
    A average sales person spends 20 minutes typing up 1 craigslist ad. If you post your inventory every 10 days and have 50 vehicles in stock, you will be paying for 50 hours worth of work simply in posting Craigslist ads. Our tool can help bring it down to under 5.
  • You push DMS inventory
    There are still some DMS solutions that have not moved on the internet. We offer an easier way for you to send it over to us without having to jump through hoops with your DMS company. Ask us how.
  • DMS Data Polling
    We can integrate directly from your DMS to our inventory system. We can sync what we have for sale directly from your DMS even before someone has a chance to take those pictures.
  • Lead Management
    Are Are you paying yet another vendor for your lead management software? Use our lead management solution to see how we can help eleminate additional costs.
  • Special Occasion Sites
    We can build special occasion sites like the holidays, or a tent sale or the red tag sale, to help drive more traffic to your stores. This also helps you track the results of your marketing effort.
  • Dealer Websites
    When all the bells and whistles of the OEM websites are a hastle to deal with, simplify your site with our solution. Make it easy for your customers to find the information they are looking for. Declutter the content, make it more relevant.
  • Microsites
    Target a specific segment of the population with microsites. Track your marketing campaigns and your ROI with effectiveness. Highlight individual products via a dedicated website. 
  • Unlimited pages
    Why limit yourself to a handful of pages about your business? Use as many pages as needed to get your message across.
  • Web inventory with multi-make search
    Allowing the information to be readily available for your customers makes them happy. It also helps spark interest when things are easy to find.
  • Coupons
    Offering coupons for oil changes or parts or even trade-ins helps drive foot traffic. Use this feature and many others to drum up sales. 
  • Credit Applications
    With the increasing expectation from customers for a speedy sale, it helps to have their credit information ahead of time. Our Credit Application form provides you with the information needed to make an informed decision.
  • Inventory Specials
    Have inventory taking up space on your lot, make it a special, offer coupons, create incentives for customers to take it off your lot and to their parking garage. And they'll be thinking they got the "Special" car on your lot.
  • Payment Calculator
    Buyers are not mathematicians. Providing them with a simple and easy to use calculator generates leads faster if they find what they are looking for.
  • Email a friend
    If a visitor happens to stumble upon an item on your lot that they think their friend might be interested in, make it easy for them to tell their friends. Email a friend is one such feature.
  • Inventory Contact
    Unlike the world of store sales, internet sales require quick and easy access to information. If they do not find what they are looking for, they will go elsewhere. The best way to get them to walk in to the store is by generating contact, which in case of the internet has to be initiated by the visitor. The inventory contact form gets the process started for you. 
  • Blog/News
    Blogging is a fairly new phenomenon, however it has sparked an interest in the online community. Providing updates about your business, shows that the store is active and looking for their feedback.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Google has changed the way we look at lead generation. It is all about Location, Location, Location. If you are not on the first page of Google search results, you have a competitive disadvantage. We offer simple, easy to use tools to help you with getting your website to stand out in the crowd.
  • Search Engine Marketing
    Sometimes, waiting for a lead to come to you may not be the best strategy. In those scenarios we help dealerships to go get leads from the internet by helping them market their business on various search engines, websites and forums to draw out leads.
  • Google Translate
    It is important to speak the language your customers understand. Figuratively as well as literally. Using the Google Translate tool, we make it easy for you.
  • Car Finder
    Even if they car the visitor is looking for may not be on the lot, it makes sense to offer the option to find one for them.
  • Trade In Form
    Most purchases today happen with an older vehicle being traded in. Just like the credit history of the person walking in, it helps knowing the trade-in information ahead of time.
  • Schedule a Test Drive
    The goal of any website is to generate leads, leads that walk the lot and buy a product from you. A request to test drive a vehicle is the single best way to show that interest.
  • Contact Form
    The contact form is a fall back, incase the visitor does not find the specific information he or she is looking for, they can contact the dealership using the contact form.
  • Staff Page
    The staff page is a way for your prospects to get to know the team. They are more comfortable talking to people they know.
  • Site Chat
    Chat seamlessly with your website visitors engaging them into a conversation and helping improve conversion rates.

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We do try to keep information on our site up to date, however there are times when the information on our site may not accurately reflect the current status of things. In case you have any questions or are not sure if the information on the site is accurate, please contact us to verify by email or by using the contact form. We will try to reply ASAP.