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Make the most of your Auto Dealer Website

In the internet age, it is very important to have a digital presence. Most often that begins with your website.   Your Dealer Websites  should be the engine that drives your sales higher. Making it just as efficient if not better than the face-to-face sales process. The goal as always is to get the customers to convert from clicks to sales.There are a few simple tricks and tweaks that can help improve your site's performance

Below are some of our recommendations  that should help make your website into a sales engine

1. Have a engaging inventory display website.
Build a simple, easy to understand, user friend, content rich, information rich website. Make it so when visitors come to your website, they find what they are looking for without having to jump through hoops. Provide them with content they would like to read. Pages like :  Coupons Inventory Specials Schedule a Test Drive  Once they find the car they like, it becomes even more important that you drive them to the next step, BECOME A LIVE LEAD. Give them the  Payment Calculator  so they know what to expect in terms of cost. If they want their friend's feedback, offer the  Email a friend  feature. Offer them to contact you directly via the  Inventory Contact  form. More CALL TO ACTION items lead to more leads.

2. The "You may also like" feature.  
Once you have their attention and you have offered them the inventory information that they were looking for, they still may not have all that they want. Instead of them simply leaving the website, give them more options. Think of it as SECOND CHANCE LEADS. This is where a lot of dealerships miss the boat. With the attention span getting smaller and smaller every day, the goal here is to give them as much information as they'd like so they gobble it up.

3. Optimize your site for search engines.
This is one of those pieces where a lot of dealerships spend a lot of money. A lot of money for something that naturally should be done right. Why should you have to pay EXTRA for something that should already be baked in to the services? Our website come with  Search Engine Optimization  built in. NO EXTRA MONEY. You do want to dig deeper there are some  free tools  offered by Google that can help your site show up more prominently in online searches. Keep in mind that you will need both time and expertise to maximize the benefits of these features.

4. Create a stir, Host an event.
Setting up a weekend event at your dealership is something you do naturally. The idea is to see how you can increase your ups. Setup an online event on Facebook, promote it on Twitter, go to local online forums. If you post it, they will come. This should also be related to your  10 Minutes a day, brings customers your way  strategy.

To sum up the recommendations, it is not a one-time deal. This has to now be a part of your culture. Something you do every day. 


Thank you for the information. Very helpful

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