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For dealerships with unlimited budget, the best option is to hire external vendors to manage their online presence. For the rest of us, there are a few simple guidelines that if followed will help you build your online presence with ease and no additional cost.

Most internet sales managers (ISMs) have enough time in between appointments that they can easliy do this every day.
Tuesday: Create a new page/post on your website. Each post you create has to have a theme, a keyword, a feature,  you focus on. For example, if you are a Chevrolet dealership in Miami, talk about "New Chevrolet Camaro In Miami". This will create unique content that is relevant to your business and website only. Google looks for freshness and relevance to see if it wants to recommend your business, this will help you achive both.
Wednesday: Socialize Online. Tuesday is simply the second part of work you did on Monday. Share the page you created on Monday on your Facebook and Twitter account. (ooh and Google+ as well) This will help create backlinks as well as help generate online interest.
Thursday: Surf the internet:  you have now created content, socialized that content, however you are still a small blip in the internet world. How do you get ahead? become a blip on bigger blips. Go online to more renowned sites and share your ideas there. This will increase your website credibility and help with backlinks as well.
Friday: follow up on all your effort: so far the content was created and marketed. Now it is time to reply to your followers. Go back to sites you had posted links on to see if someone had posted a message for you. If you have spare time, go to the less known, equally important sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Digg, and Reddit.
Monday: analyze and plan: So by Monday, it will be a week since you posted your article. See if it has gained traction. If you are satisfied with the results, move to the next topic, else think of how you can improce the content and remarket it the next week.
Remember, the popularity you get from your articles may vary from one topic to another depending on the competitiveness of the content. Ofcourse, if your competitor is paying thousands of dollars for the same keywords, you may not get the traffic, but the ones you do get, you can sell them your inventory for thousands cheaper than your competition.

Hope this helps you with your do-it-yourself SEO solution.

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