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Geared for Independent and Franchise dealership interested in Self Service

Seamless service offered by V8 Apps for indepent and franchise dealerships to manage their inventory and webpages on their website.

We offer you a broad spectrum of dealership management services tailor made to take you all the way to the top. All our clients have benefited immensely from our cost effective services. Avail our services today to gain an unfair advantage over all your competitors.
Inventory Marketing
With increasing competition, the automobile industry has become extremely demanding. In order to excel in this competitive market, you need a business solution that can easily adapt to the market and its requirements. Our fully integrated online inventory management solution is your ultimate choice for many reasons. Our inventory management service is a one stop shop for all your requirements pertaining to the creation, management, and effective distribution of your dealership inventory online. Our service helps you get your inventory online easily without wasting much time behind it. With our service, you would easily be able to pull inventory from your Document Management System. Your dealership would gain immediate attention from the market with unlimited data exports to third parties, thanks to our data syndication service. Some other highlights of our efficient inventory management solution include
• Add photos, descriptions, and videos effortlessly
• Option to Select own templates for Ad.
• Advanced VIN Decoder
• Quick posting of vehicles on Craigslist with our Craigslist Posting Tool
• Comment builder to help your listings stand out
• Unlimited file upload facility at a time
• Excellent Window stickers and buyer's guide.
Auto Dealer Website
Apart from managing your inventory, our experienced team of designing experts creates well crafted websites for your dealership that provides an excellent initial impression of your dealership to potential customers and becomes your online showroom.  
Designing an effective website is not the easiest of tasks because the visitors to a website have expectations in accordance with other dealership websites that they have visited. Use our service to build your custom dealership website if you want to captivate your prospective customers. The probability of your success as an automobile dealership increases significantly when these prospects spend more time on your website. The online success of your dealership is guaranteed with a professionally made dealership website from us that has proper contents and well thought out navigation.
There is no joy in having an excellent website for your dealership if it cannot attract targeted traffic. Your dealership's website needs to appear very high in the search r4esults when the buyers search online before buying a car. Our Search Engine Optimization service helps you dominate the online marketplace and attract a mad rush of targeted traffic on a regular basis without having to spend your precious time.

EZ Insert Plugin
This is one of our recently developed tools that make it amazingly easy for you to post the inventory of your dealership easily and quickly on Craigslist. The importance of posting inventory to Craigslist is known to all. However, manual posting on Craigslist generally takes at least 10 minutes to type a single vehicle description. EZ Insert Plugin helps you complete the same task within 30 seconds. It is quote obvious that using this tool would provide you a huge advantage over your competitors who are still posting vehicle details manually on Craigslist.     

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