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Surefire Tips to Become a Killer Salesperson

Selling is a process that is no less than a form of art that can be improved continuously by conscious efforts. There is no common formula to succeed as a salesperson because each of them have their own distinctive styles and selling tricks. Some of them are simply unstoppable because they do things differently. Eye catching graphics, well crafted videos, colorful photographs, etc. can be of great help to any salesman. However, there is no denying the facts that the words they use make or break their career as a salesperson. Word usage plays a significant role in the selling process because they have the power to build relationships. Buyers always prefer buying stuffs from people rather than organizations. Your entire approach to prospective customers can be guided by words that you use because words determine your attitude. Many of you must have noticed in many occasions that changing just one word can improve the approach to a great extent. Mentioned below are some of the tried and tested techniques of becoming a champion salesman.

It is always much more effective for a salesman to focus on benefits that the product or service offers to buyers instead of wasting time discussing specifications. It is important to remember that a common purchaser is not interested in specifications because most of them would not even know how good or bad it is. To grab the attention of the buyers, ask questions to find out his/her expectation from the product or service. Then explain what your product or service has to offer in that context. Discuss the specifications only with customers who are interested to know them.

Many salespersons make the mistake of immediately cutting the price in order to ensure sale. However, this is not the mark of a champion salesperson. Instead of offering discount, provide a context for the price of your product by focusing on value additions that it offers. Your focus should always be to establish that the customer get more value out of your product, not to make him/her pay less. Proactively offering a lower price also implies that your price was high to begin with.

Always show the customers the way to use or operate your product instead of advising them to learn on their own. A good salesman would always take time to explain in detail and demonstrate how the product works and how to fix the same in case of difficulties. All buyers prefer going with salesmen who help them understand the product or service instead of doing it all by themselves.

There is a common perception that buying decisions are made in a logical and rational frame of mind. However, most of the purchasing decisions are actually made emotionally. It is never possible to justify the purchase of a luxury item from a logical bent of mind. We buy them because it makes us feel good about our purchase. As a salesperson, you should be able to find out how the emotional needs of the buyers can be satisfied. Also, never forget that the buyers have nothing to do with how desperate you are to crack a sale. It is true that the job of a salesman can be extremely demanding. However, that is none of your customer's concern. Avoid being pushy because of your desperation. Never stop focusing on the customer's emotions, requirements, problems, and motivation because every buyer hates dealing with salesmen that are pushy.  

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