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Tips to Help You Compete with Large Auto Dealerships

Every used automobile dealer is well aware of the challenges involved in competing with the large dealerships. This difficulty is partially because of the fact that the large dealerships operate on extremely high volume. Moreover, the auto manufacturers are always eager to support them in order to extend new car deals. As a result, these dealerships are able to offer deep discounts to their customers.

Not very long ago, the common trend amongst auto dealerships was to have minimalistic websites containing a static page with a few images and another page about the dealership. However, there has been a change in this trend in the recent years. Nowadays, all large car dealerships are willing to invest freely in the SEO related activities in the field of social media marketing. It has been observed that these dealerships spend a huge amount on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They are not doing this without a reason. These dealerships have changed their outlook because they are aware of the fact that a large percentage of today’s Americans prefer social media as an efficient way of interacting with the world.

Automobile dealerships can make the most out of social media in two different ways. The first alternative is to use a social media network like Facebook as an advertising platform. Using Facebook as an advertising platform, it is possible to target a specific area for the advertisements. The other alternative is to invite people and interact with them by building an interesting social media profile for the dealership. These two methods are known as the paid and organic social media marketing, respectively.

Organic social media marketing is preferred by most of the auto dealerships because it allows them to exercise complete control over their messages and build a relationship with their prospective buyers rather than simply displaying an advertisement to them. The only limitation of the organic model is that it takes several months to build a significant pool of followers through social media. However, once this follower base is built, it is super easy to engage them by sharing the type of content they want.

While designing our auto dealership websites, we keep social media related factors into account. As a user, your only job is to import the necessary information relating to your social media. Once this is done, it is just the matter of clicking a button to start sharing these platforms.

The endless struggle between different auto dealership websites is here to stay. Even the largest of car dealerships cannot escape this competition simply because they have more money to spend. Social media empowers the independent dealerships by helping them reach out to their target audience without breaking their bank. Try out our affordable auto website templates to find out how easy it is to get the word out about your dealership. 

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