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Start Using Twitter and Facebook to Sell Your Car

Are you still using classified advertisement sites to sell your SUV, truck, or car? There is no denying the fact that Craigslist and Autotrader happens to be two of the most effective sites to post advertisements for your car. However, like all good things in this world, these classified sites also have their limitations. Classified ad posting sites are generally used by all for listing of their vehicles and your listing could easily be lost amongst so many of them. In these sites, you try to sell your car to people you don't know depending completely on sales jargons. Moreover, it is not always easy for the prospective buyers to find your car because almost all dealers post their entire inventory of used vehicles on these sites. You also need to be extremely competitive with regards to the pricing of your vehicles because the customers buying online are smart enough these days to sort advertisements on the basis of price.

You are really missing something if you are not making use of the social networking sites for selling your vehicles. It is much easier to sell your cars to personal referrals, friends and family compared to selling them to strangers. You may not have hundreds of such 'hot' leads, but only dozens of them can make a difference to you. The best part is that all these people already know you and are available on different social media platforms. Use this opportunity to let them know about your vehicles through Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking site you know.

You may start simply by writing a few things about your car, but a Tweet or written post has limited impact on these social networking sites. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to make the most efficient use of the available technology. You can increase the 'wow' factor of your vehicles by creating a video walk around and adding a link to that. By doing this, you are not only allowing your friends and acquaintances to watch the video, but they can also forward the link to people they know. This is how your video can go viral and reach out to an incredibly high number of people in no time. There can be no better personal introduction for you and your vehicle. The biggest benefit of your video going viral is that you would be able to sell you cars much quicker and for a considerably higher price comparing to the classified sites.    

Recording a video walk around is not too difficult a task. It can be created almost anywhere and does not require any expensive equipment. After recording the video, upload it on YouTube share a link in your Tweets to posts in Twitter and Facebook respectively. Your video link saves you a lot of effort and time by helping you build rapport with the prospective buyers even before you have met or spoken to them. Start selling your cars on Twitter and Facebook today, if you are not following this highly effective technique already.

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