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Six Best Ways to Create Viral Content


The importance of vital content is immense for all online marketing professionals. The ever increasing popularity of viral content is due to the fact that it can spread extremely quickly and can create backlinks in a breeze without spending much time or effort. These backlinks play a stellar role in generating a huge amount of traffic for the website by improving the search engine ranking of the website.

It is true that very few contents go viral over the web. However, it is possible to analyze the most frequently shared contents to find out the reason behind their popularity. Mentioned below are six tips that can help your content go viral.

Create Absurd Characters
Try to create your own innovative and unique character. This can go a long way to bring a burst of website traffic and initiate social sharing. It also helps in building your brand identity. Many of the acclaimed viral videos revolve around some absurd characters like Marcel the Shell or Honey Badger. However, do not go overboard and create lots of such characters because it is difficult to popularize even one of them. Many unsuccessful characters may actually cause harm to your brand.  

Use of Infographics
It has been generally observed that infographics that are visually appealing result in frequent sharing of online content. Most visitors to your website would prefer attractive imagery over long and descriptive texts. You can gather information from recent studies to find out how you can make best utilization of infographics. For example, display of Star Wars sales information on eBay was an instant hit.

Emerging Trends
Your content would naturally receive a lot of attention online by capturing the emerging trends in a timely manner. Such contents always result in the creation of more backlinks because people love to share them. Timely content's importance has increased even more after the freshness update from Google because it would now boost your search engine ranking, too.  

Offering Value
Try to provide as much value as you can through your video or article to make them go viral on the internet. Think out of the box and create contents that help you stand apart from all your competitors. The frequency of sharing for your content will increase substantially by outsmarting all others by the value offered by your content.   

Use Sound Bites
In many instants, viral contents grab attention of the visitors just because of it sounds attractive. Recent success of Calif, Chuck Testa, and Taxidermist only reconfirm this fact. You can try and check this quality of your content by reading it just like a news reader. Keep improving your content till the time you are sure that it has the potential to be shared by a wide population of visitors.

Buy-in from Someone Influential
It can be a great advantage if you can manage to receive endorsement from a well known personality in the industry.  Contents can go viral much easily by somehow attaching his/her name in your article or blog. However, you need to build a relationship with the industry stalwarts before you can try out this alternative. You may also request them to share some of your best contents with his/her own followers.

These techniques are highly effective in making maximum utilization of social sharing. However, it may not always be easy to achieve. Always remember and practice the proven strategies of Search Engine Optimization while creating your viral content.

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