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V8 Apps offers independent and franchise dealerships a powerful way to virtually meet and greet each visitor to their website. You would not let a prospect walk the lot by themselves, than, why would you do that with visitors walking your online lot? Site Chat allows you to put your marketing offers in front of thousands of visitors each month who visit your automotive dealership website.  Offer incentives for your online visitors to come in to the dealership. 
If you want to increase your conversion rates, why not start with your website? You have already brought prospects to your website through your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) efforts, these are prospects walking out the door because no one is there to greet them. Greet your visitors, ask for their basic information and you have a new prospect to work on.
By increasing the number of leads you generate from your website, you are generating FREE LEADS. Leads you would otherwise have to pay for. As the conversation about the purchase has already started, when the lead walks in to the store, they are already primed for a sale.
When a visitor lands on your website we not only provide you a tool to reach out to them but also provide insight about the visitor. Knowing where they are located, helps format an offer is custom the the visitor and not a generic offer everyone sees.
As your business needs change, you need a partner that changes their service with you. We are in constant development of new tools to help your business. Our product lineup is geared to no only meet, but surpass your expectations.

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