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There is a common perception amongst many car dealerships that the most compelling part of creating a responsive website is to make it visually attractive. As a result, it has been observed that some of the most beautiful websites across the web belong to different car dealerships. There is no denying the fact that it is certainly a great idea to have websites that attract the visitors. However, it is important to note that it is no more than a minor factor, as far as the responsiveness of the website is concerned. A responsive website is better compared to other websites because of factors that have nothing to do with aesthetics. The ROI is the most important factor to consider when building a responsive dealer website.

There are numerous reasons why all dealerships want their websites to be responsive, and this preference is not because of the website’s appearance. An attractive website is certainly a bonus for the dealerships. However, it should never be the primary reason to use them.

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Some of the most important reasons for dealerships to build a responsive website are as follows
  • Tendency to get converted: As a whole, the industry has either converted or has shown a strong preference towards getting converted. Dealerships that were strictly against responsive design some time ago, are now more than willing to make the switch. In fact, some of the OEM dealerships have also shifted to a responsive web design. More and more dealerships are following this trend because there are obvious benefits for them.  
  • Possibile Savings for the Dealers: In case of a responsive website that is reasonably priced, there is a possibility for the dealers to save money because there is no additional expense for using a mobile website. This, however, does not hold good for dealerships that spend $1000-$2000 every month on their website.  Always remember that properly built responsive websites are always more economical compared to the adaptive ones.
  • Perfectly suited for SEO, content marketing, and social media: One of the most important things to know about responsive websites is their consistency in terms of content. This is one of the most important reasons why most of the dealers looking to dominate the market prefer responsive websites.
There are many other reasons for you to opt for responsive design. However, appearance is not one of them. While analyzing the ROI, the reasons listed above are taken into consideration. More and more people are opting for responsive design now because they anticipate a higher return on investment. 

Improved social media, content, and SEO alongside less expensive web presence makes it easier to improve the ROI. As you all understand, a higher ROI is all about making more sales while spending less.

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