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The advent of internet has revolutionized the way cars are bought and sold. It is surprising to know that an average customer now spends an astounding 18 hours online before purchasing a car. Therefore, it has become extremely important for car dealerships to stand out in the crowded online battleground. The addition of a picture on your website can do what even thousands of words may have failed to do. The benefits of adding a video in any website are even much more than that of pictures. Are you wasting too much of your precious time by creating videos manually for your website? We can certainly help you out with our state of the art video builder service that is equipped to create videos automatically from the pictures of the vehicle uploaded by you. Our fully auto generated videos are characterized by high quality pictures and voice narration. 
Our video builder service is designed to take your dealership to top search engine results practically without any effort from your end. This service is ideal for the dealerships to build an online identity and brand value for your business because your contact information, logo, and name of dealership appear in each of the videos. There is no better alternative than our video builder service to make sure that your prospective clients keep coming back to visit your extremely engaging website.
Most of the dealership websites are rather static and can be compared with an electronic upgrade of traditional newspaper pullouts. Our state of the art videos help you leverage maximum benefits of the internet by converting your website to nothing less than a virtual showroom of your dealership. All the existing customers of our service have seen up to 20% increase in their sales just by using this service.
We do not claim that we are the only company in the market that offers you this service. However, there are many points to consider before deciding to use any video builder service for your dealership. The top points to take into account are whether these services are free and if they can be integrated coherently with your website. With many video builder services you may have to wait for two days before it appears on your website. In a highly competitive business scenario, a delay of two to three days could easily mean serious business loss. However, you need not worry about this at all because our service will have videos posted in your website within no time.
Advanced studies are predicting that by the end of 2013, videos would account for more than 90% of website traffic generated by an auto dealership. Customers now tend to sort out dealerships by what they see in your website and they only visit dealerships with an engaging website. This is why need our video builder service to enhance the likelihood of enquiries from your prospective customers.  Contact Us today to know more about our efficient video builder service.  

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