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DMS Data Polling

Match your online inventory with your DMS automatically

DMS data polling is extremely important for any automobile dealership because it ensures 100% accuracy of all your data that are available on the web. The process of DMS data polling refers to automatic creation, update, and removal of automobile listings on a timely and scheduled manner. All dealerships require a top notch DMS data polling solution to present current and updated data online pertaining to their vehicles. Old and out of date vehicle information can be a constant source of headache for you because you fail to present your current inventory in an accurate manner. Moreover, it can be extremely embarrassing to waste a significant part of the day answering calls and inquiries about vehicles that no longer exist in your inventory.

Are you also wasting a lot of time and losing the credibility of your online identity due to your outdated inventory data? You need not worry anymore because we have arrived to your rescue with our end to end DMS polling solution that has been designed just for you. At SDW, we understand how important it is for your dealership to be able to display updated vehicle information. Our suite of advanced tools is designed with the sole objective of helping you to make more sales. Our Dealer Management System (DMS) data polling service makes it amazingly easy for you to present the most accurate and up to date details of vehicle inventory online. While using our service, you can be rest assured that each of the information that is used for inventory management and online publishing are current and correct.

This highly efficient DMS data polling service is a part of our Inventory Management solution. It ensures that your prospective buyers only see accurate inventory information by extracting inventory details from your system every night. We work in tandem with most of the DMS companies, and offer an output customization facility, too. Our system allows you the option to create filters for all your inventory data and automated business rules. You can regularly customize all your online listings as well as price, on the basis of the model, make, sales cost, body style, stock number, mileage, photos, etc. Automatic integration of all your information pertaining to physical inventory and the images from the DMS inventory files is also possible using our DMS data polling solution. Automatic polling of DMS inventory on a daily basis extracts additions, deletions, modifications, and updates. Some salient features of our DMS data polling solution are as below.

• Updates all vehicles that are sold or deleted.
• Updates all modifications and additions.
• Modification of pricing related information.
• Feature and option updates.
• Data Extraction and update every night.

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