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Staff pages are one of the most integral parts of any business website. However, unfortunately, many of us fail to understand its importance. While visiting your automobile dealership website, the foremost thing your prospective clients look for is your inventory. In case they find out a vehicle of their choice in your website, the next thing they generally look for is the list of people working for your dealership. This is why creating a comprehensive staff page can play a significant role in the success of your automobile dealership. Try to include all types of information that they want to see in this page including a list of your employees with profile pictures to identify what they look like. Apart from their names and pictures, it also helps to include their bios and all other relevant information about them. All your prospective clients would feel much more comfortable dealing with a company that consists of real persons. It has been observed that the conversion rate is remarkably higher for businesses that have website with a detailed staff page including the names and pictures of the employees.
It has been established by a recently conducted study that the presence of human photographs can double the conversion rate of any auto dealership business. An A/B study was conducted by comparing the conversion rate between staff pages with the image of a telephone and with the image of an actual person. The conversion rate for the one with real image of the staffs was almost double comparing to the other one. The same fact has been confirmed by several other studies. All these studies have suggested that any organization can benefit immensely by proving to their customers that the organization has real people who care about their customers.
Showing the face of your team is important because it helps the customers to invest emotionally in a fruitful business relationship with your organization. It is common human nature to feel more comfortable by being able see the person they are dealing with or talking to. This scenario can compared with the experience of calling a customer helpline number and going through a series of recorded messages. Most of the callers feel relieved when they finally come across a real person providing the resolution to their concerns. Just the same way, having a bio and picture of your staffs provides the comfort zone to your clients before they seriously consider dealing with you. A properly designed staff page is one of greatest weapons to make your dealership more personable for the visitors to your website.
We, at SDW understand the demands that the customers have from your dealership website. Within a brief period of time we have helped many of our clients to increase their business conversion by providing an entirely new look to their dealership website including the creation of staff pages. Contact us today and allow us the opportunity to take you all the way to the top.   

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