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Google Translate

Translate your website content in over 50 languages quickly and easily

Google Translate is a popular free translation service that offers free translation between 57 most frequently spoken languages around the world. This is an extraordinary tool that can efficiently translate web pages, sentences, and words between any combinations of these 57 languages. With Google Translate, it is possible to browse and interpret search results from selected destination languages by entering search terms in the source language. Google Translate service was introduced as an alternate solution to other commonly used services for translation. This tool provides service on based on a useful function called machine translation or automatic translation that translates between different sets of languages making use of computer software.
There are two levels of translation involved in Google Translate. The first level carries out word to word translation. With the help of a computer, the tool tries to match each of the words in the source language to a word with same meaning in the destination language. The second level starts after all the words have been translated to the destination language from the source language. In this level, the computer makes an effort to combine all the translated words in a way that makes sense without altering the meaning of the sentence. This is no easy job to be accomplished by a machine, and input of many complex algorithms is required. To ensure accuracy of Google Translate, Google makes use of its huge database of information to find out the language pattern that people generally follow. This tool is undoubtedly the best automatic translation service presently available.
This free service was used for the first time in the year 2006 for translation of Arabic languages, and used a Systran based translator. Five years later, in 2011, Google released the paid version of Google Translate. People around the world now use this tool for their translation needs because it has several advantages over other translation services. The biggest reason is that it is user friendly and just a few simple steps need to be followed to avail this service. An extremely high number of languages are supported by this Google Translate including Russian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, German, and many more. No other automatic translation tool has such wide range in terms of languages. This tool is also used widely because it is free to access. This tool also offers much more flexibility than other tools to switch between English and any other language.
America is melting pot where people from different parts of the world with different languages are found. This is why, it may not be sufficient for a dealership to focus only on the English speaking population. Use of Google Translate helps you reach out to a large segment of prospective customers from different language groups. You need not spend your hard earned money and time to create websites in different languages. You have the choice of integrating this service either for the entire website or some pages which are more relevant. Avail our dealership websites service for the flexibility that you need for your business.

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