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Craigslist has emerged these days as one of the most efficient business tools. All modern day business organizations are now making use of this excellent online community platform because it is hands down the most effective and economical site for lead generation. Craigslist currently has an Alexa ranking of 8 amongst all websites in the United States and more than 20 million people visit this website every month on a regular basis. Though almost all auto dealerships all over the country are using Craigslist to post their cars, many of them are not able to make the maximum use of this platform. Are you an automobile dealership seriously considering boosting the sale of your vehicles by using Craigslist?  We are here to change the way you do your business leveraging maximum benefits out of Craigslist. Our Craigslist posting tool can propel your business to new heights by providing you an unfair advantage over all your competitors.    
The Craigslist Posting Tool from V8 Apps is the ultimate tool to make the most effective use of Craigslist. This recently developed tool has already made life easier for the dealerships using it. Creating high quality professional HTML ads is a breeze with the several fully colored templates. These ads can be linked back directly to the dealer websites. Most of our dealers have been able to generate between 100 and 300 extra hits to their websites on a daily basis by using our Craigslist Posting Tool. The best part is that this Craigslist Posting Tool has also helped them generate between 3 and 10 additional internet leads everyday. The task of posting advertisements manually can be a tough and time consuming job. Our Craigslist posting tool saves you hours that you have been spending on posting ads so far. With our sophisticated tool, advertisements are formatted with description, price, photographs, and other details within minutes. 
Many businesses are reluctant to use standard templates. Our Craigslist Posting Tool is the ideal choice for them because we provide a wide range of custom templates specifically designed to suit the requirement of your dealership. These custom templates are tailor made for you if you are looking to let people know about your return policy, service department, shipping terms, or anything else that explains how your dealership is far ahead of the rest. Our unique custom templates allow the addition of much more information than any standard template. You would be able to post your vehicles to Craigslist with all vehicle descriptions, vehicle options, and lots of photographs within a very short time with our Craigslist posting tool. This ensures that you are able to represent your cars in the best possible way to attract the buyers.
Our Craigslist posting tool is easy to use and does not take more than a few minutes to get used to with. An extremely user friendly user interface makes it a delight to use this tool. You just can't ignore this incredible Craigslist Posting Tool if you want your listings to stand apart from the rest.        
Dont want to use a standard template? no problem. We also provide custom templates specific to your dealership. Make your listings stand out. Make them pop. Our custom templates allow you to add more information than our standard template. Add information about your shipping terms and conditions, talk about your return policy, write about your service department, inform your viewers about how your dealership stands out from the crowd.

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