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Inventory Marketing
(aka Data Exports)

Tracking of records is of immense importance for any automotive dealership and therefore, is a key purpose behind using car dealership software. Modern day automobile dealerships are required to be able to export data to different classified advertisement sites in different formats. An efficient car inventory service must be equipped to handle much more that just text and numerical data. Other necessary qualities of a data export system are ability to sync easily with the website of the dealerships and avoid data duplication. The first feature is extremely important because it allows users to revise vehicle information system without making any manual alterations in the website.  
All major online advertising networks for vehicles get flooded with endless inventory data from dealerships. The data export service offered by V8 Apps fits the bill perfectly for all types of auto dealerships. Our service makes it incredibly easy for you to present your inventory data in the most compelling way to places where most buyers shop. We export your data to hundreds of classified sites and also to your own Website. No car dealership has the extra time to waste on  listing the same vehicles to different directories.  Our service makes it amazingly easy for you to display your inventory online in vendor sites without having to enter the same vehicle time and again. While using our service, all you need to do is entering a vehicle only once into our efficient control panel. This is sufficient to automatically circulate the vehicle along with your entire inventory amongst all the popular classified sites.
You also have the option for editing, deleting, and making additions to your inventory using a single point. Our system can pull all your inventory data everyday from your DMS system. All information on price changes and added/deleted inventory are extracted by connecting to the DMS of the dealerships (DMS Data Polling). Your inventory always remains current because our system is capable of automatically updating itself. Our system would be equally useful even if you do not use an analog DMS system (Pen and Paper) at your dealership. Our advertising package is the perfect choice for you if you are looking to ensure unlimited feed of inventory data to the ever increasing number of important websites.   There is no better alternative for increasing the sales and saving your precious time by expanding your reach.
Complete integration makes our service even more useful for you. By opting for a website from us, you can make sure that the website showcases exactly the same inventory. Automatic stock transfer to the website takes place every time your DMS is synced. This relieves you from the inconvenience of having to enter one vehicle multiple times in your computer. We also have an excellent Craigslist Posting Tool that is capable of posting an advertisement in Craigslist within 10 seconds.  V8 Apps is always focused on helping you save time and money by offering you a simple process for the synchronization all your information pertaining to vehicles across websites. Start using our data export service today to broaden your pool of customers like never before.   

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