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Lead Management

Manage your leads easily with one integrated solution

Internet based marketing is the lifeblood of any modern day auto dealership. A huge volume of leads can be generated using the internet. However, as an automobile dealership, you need a proper lead management tool in order to manage these leads efficiently and convert them to actual sales. The importance of online lead management has increased dramatically in the last decade or so because around 85% of the prospective buyers now shop online for their cars. All of them are looking for a prompt and proper response to their inquiries throughout the day.

All of you are surely very well acquainted with popular online sources of leads like AutoTrader, Craigslist, Walk-ins, eBay, and several other inventory listing websites. In this competitive market scenario, you need a lead management system that helps you stand apart from your competitors by offering top class automated response including brochures, descriptions, and photos of your website to the prospects.

The lead management solution offered by SDW provides you an opportunity to send responses that are automated and includes all these things mentioned above, and much more. This tool is designed to offer you access to the entire pre owned and new inventory and send quickest response to the inquiries. You can access the incoming leads through our efficient control panel. We would also be able to create contact records for your new leads automatically and keep track of incoming leads by contact. All these leads are then linked automatically to the vehicles that they relate to. This is particularly helpful for you because you can judge the interest in the market for all your vehicles.

Our lead management system is equipped with wysiwig editor that makes it a breeze for you to respond to these leads. With this extremely powerful tool, you can create messages that look professional and include images from your image library to the messages. The best part is that you need not have any knowledge of HTML to get this done. The history of all your communications can also be viewed because all the replies are recorded in our system and can be sorted by contact and lead. You would also be able to access additional records like alternate phone number, conversation notes, etc. while using our lead management tool. You don't have to reenter all the details of a buyer after completing a sale because our lead management service allows you to select the contacts on the sales details screen.

Our lead management service is your ultimate tool to expedite your mode of communication and the process of lead conversion. There are just too many reasons for you to start using our service today.

Simplicity: Our system is easy to access, use, and track. This service is a must for your dealership because the number of sales that you make depends directly on how comfortably you can stay connected with your prospects.
Integration: Our service empowers you to integrate all online sources of leads within one system and avoids duplication so that conflicting information is not sent to any of the prospective customers.
Efficiency: While using our lead management service, you need not worry about missing out on even one lead. Efficient features like SMS alerts, pop ups on a real time basis, and many more helps you manage your leads in the most timely and effective manner.

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