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We strongly recommend all our clients to start their business blog on their website because the benefits of a business blogs are simply too. With our dealerships websites, you have the freedom of creating unlimited pages to showcase you business just the you want to. Recent researches have revealed that businesses with a blog on their website receive at least 55% more visitors comparing to those without a business blog. Similarly, the businesses that blog regularly, receive 97% more links from other sites to their site comparing to other businesses.
Having a blog provides opportunities to your business that are completely different from your company website. Readers consider blogs to be a forum to discuss different issues rather than just a display of the offerings of a company. Blogs provide you the opportunity to interact informally with your prospective customers. Some of the top reasons for you start blogging today are
♦ Your business blog is your strongest platform to establish your credibility and expertise in the industry. Winning business in this competitive marketplace is all about solving your customer's or answering their queries with your knowledge and expertise. In today's commoditized market, your expertise can be a powerful differentiator with efficient blogging.
♦ Once you have created a position of expertise in the automobile dealership industry, you become a reliable resource for the influencers of the industry like the other bloggers and media. Your blog provides you an identity for yourself by sharing your views about industry developments, trends, or issues, rather than just acting as an information source for your dealership. This quickly enhances your dealership's reputation as a potent power in the industry.
♦ A website is a broadcast medium with an one way mode of communication where you provide information about your dealership and the readers can only read them. On the contrary, blogs are highly interactive. Each of your posts in the blog can become a dialogue when other readers respond with their opinion.
♦ By establishing yourself as an industry expert via your dealership blog, you would easily be able to establish relationships with industry influencers, potential partners, and prospective clients. Unlike your business website, your dealership blog helps you immensely to expand your business relationships and circle of influence.
♦ Finally, blogs are also highly effective in enhancing the search engine visibility of your dealership. Most search engines tend to offer more authority to blogs comparing to websites because the nature of contents. The real time search results are generally better with the blogs because their contents are regularly updated. The likelihood of drawing natural links is much more for the blogs that your website because of its informational nature of contents.  
Our simple and easy to use dealership website makes it amazingly easy for you to start blogging and reach out to your customers like never before.

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