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Every used automobile dealer is well aware of the challenges involved in competing with the large dealerships. This difficulty is partially because of the fact that the large dealerships operate on extremely high volume. Moreover, the auto manufacturers are always eager to support them in order to extend new car deals. As a result, these dealerships are able to offer deep discounts to their customers

Even the largest of car dealerships cannot escape this competition simply because they have more money to spend. Social media empowers the independent dealerships by helping them reach out to their target audience without breaking their bank. Try out our affordable auto website templates to find out how easy it is to get the word out about your dealership. 
Google's Webmaster Trends Analyst  Gary Illyes twitted earlier about their desktop and mobile index for websites.


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Google, the most widely used search engine updated their algorithm to where submitting your website to directories blindly may do you more harm than good. 

In this article we list the top 10 directories we believe will help your business.
Dealerships not currently using the DCS solution may have received an email from Google suggesting that the fix their website.

Google's Search Engine will now rank websites that support responsive design higher than sites that do not support responsive design.

If you received a notice in your google webmaster tools, read this article on how to fix this issue.

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